Feral Children

by Feral Children



Feral Children's first full band full-length album. recorded and mixed over the last two years. strange and proud, intoxicated with passion this epic psychedelic odyssey will break open your ego and let the real child free. proudly funded by the Sask Arts Board.

"comin' on like a five alarm whip-dance, Feral Children's new platter puts some serious OOMPHH on the table.one of the few groups going who piss all over genre like drunk wildcats AND do it successfully, this one's gonna get the kids dancing in the streets, the old burners nodding out into their ever diminishing bowls, while everyone else stares stupidly at the sun.

opener BRAND NEW WAVE glides on some big-time crystal ski-blades, Nate Youngs fucked pounding laying the foundation for the band to do their thing real easy, eyes skyward, hips into it. Will kills it, massive Reed pans, Sarah riding, Ryan delivering an electric sermon from the 7th dimension, I mean SHIT, god-damn rock n' roll, if you remember...

one of my other faves has got to be 2012, a full on meltdown of riffage and intent, it clears a real nice road out ahead. the dialogue sorta consists of some kind of ever lovin' robot- love, the military-industrial complex and a pet rock. and it has 2, that's right, 2 jaw dropping guitar solos. thank christ.

SO FAR, my personal #1, wanders like some random conversation, swingin' back and forth w/ some sorta mystical (I swear) CrosbyStillsNash & Young vibe running on thru it. this is a great song.

closer THIS IS WHERE THE SUN IS NOW seemed to quite literally leak out of my speakers the first time I checked it, infecting my HI-FI w/ heavy liquid (STOOGES!) and back alley utterances aimed at the late-nite hot dog crowd lingering outside Bud's On Broadway like some sort of long suffering cancer...
"no sense of humour
I'm gone..
this is where the sun
is now..."
I just wish this song was three minutes longer. really.

let this record drag you to the sky, let it bring you down gentle. whoa boy, it's a good one. the gods are proud." - Christopher Laramee (Shooting Guns, Golden Smoke)


released November 4, 2011

recorded by Steve Reed
mastered by Trevor Greenbank
art by Benjamin Hettinga
guitar, samples, beats, drums(track 5) vocals and editing by Ryan Scott Davidson
guitars and editing by Will Kaufhold
bass by Sarah Charters
drums(all tracks except 5,6) by Nathan Young
drums(track 6) and editing by Bennet Dobni

buy physical album here : emperor_hecliffe@hotmail.com
buy digital album here : www.cdbaby.com/cd/feralchildren22



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Feral Children Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

with a fixed gaze deep into the future, Feral Children come alive in the skin, they take hold and then break on through. shifting from solo project to full blown rock band Feral Children is a strange and intense take on pop music filtered through the glorious tunnels of psychedelia, noise and electronica. ... more

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